Syed Hussain Bahrulaloom Bokhari RA

Syed Hussain Baharulaloom Bokhari RA 

11th  Zilhuj 911 AH to 17th  Rajab 989 AH 

Family Line 

Syed Jalal Uddin Surkh Poosh RA

Syed Ahamad Kabir RA 

Syed Jalal Uddin Hussain Makhdom Jahanian Jahan Gasht RA 

Syed Mkhdoom Nasir Uddin Awal RA

Syed Ismail Qutab RA 

Syed Makhdom Kabir Uddin Bokhari RA

Syed Qutab Uddin RA

Syed Shah Ahmad RA 

Syed Makhdom Sadar Uddin Arif RA 

Syed Hussain Baharulaloom Bokhari RA

Brief Biography 

Syed Hussain Baharulaloom was born in Uch Shareef. He completed his education in Uch Shareef in the age of 20 years. He was an intellectual and of modest person. He was God gifted with eloquence and rhetoric. He was called as Bahraluloom because of his knowledge and wisdom. He was well recognised for his Arabic and Persian knowledge.  He had three sons called Syed Peer Kamal Jahanian RA, Syed Zain ul Mulk RA and Syed Bandagi Mahmood RA. 

He visited Mughal Emperor Humayon in Dehli where he was warmly welcomed by the emperor. Unfortunately, Humayon died however his heir Emperor Jalal Uddin Akbar kept the promise of his father and granted the lands in Depalpur and Chinan. 

He left Uch Shareef on 22nd Jarab 963 AH with his family and reached Depalpur where the governor of Depalpur welcomed him. He appointed his servants to look after Depalpur lands and reached Chunian. 

At that time Chunia was a backward area and he established two cities in Chunian. One was named as Chunian Peer Kamal Jahnian (Where Darbar of Peer Syed Kamal Jahanian is situated) and the other was named as Chunian Bandagi Mahmood (Where Darbar of Syed Mustafa Shah is situated).

He was going to Uch Shareef every year to attend the death anniversary of Syed Jalal Uddin Surkh Posh RA around 300 miles from CHunian.  Many local saints accepted his allegiance and many non-Muslims converted to Islam on his hands.

He was died in 17th Rajab 989 AH and buried on Uch Shareef near his ancestor Syed Jalal Uddin Surkh Posh RA. 

After his death, his third son Syed Zain ul Mulk shifted to Lohian Dharian Dist. Jalandar India.